Food Council MRA

How do we ensure that in a few decades, nearly nine billion people will have a healthy diet without further harming the environment?

According to the United Nations, the solution to this food problem lies in cities. The biggest problems arise in cities, but that is where most of the knowledge, decisiveness, technology and social capital come together. The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (MRA) is currently facing many challenges, of which food is part of the solution.
Food can be produced anywhere in the city; the possibilities are often there for the taking without us realizing. This ignorance will change with the arrival of a regional platform where the most diverse organizations inform and inspire each other to take action.

The Food Council MRA was founded in 2016 by Arnold van der Valk and Jeffrey Spangenberg. They were inspired by Wayne Roberts, the figurehead of the urban food movement from Toronto (Canada). The Food Council MRA wants to get started with sustainable solutions. The Food Council ensures the realization of solutions through feasible programs and actions.

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