Chapter 4: Sharing Research

Cities have become complex systems in which each element interacts with many others. Research in cities requires an integrated and interdisciplinary approach – sharing and collaboration between different fields of knowledge can partly determine the quality of life in the city.

Several authors reflect on openresearch. amsterdam, a new online platform for knowledge development in Amsterdam. This chapter opens with Stone soup, an old European folk tale about the quality that emerges when people share. Caroline Nevejan describes the development of sustainable knowledge infrastructures between several European cities and their universities, arguing that the design discipline has an added value for research and policy. Paul Wouters sees a turning point in the field of knowledge-sharing to connect different life worlds, seeing collaborative knowledge production as an inspiring example. Ino Paap wonders whether physical and traditional knowledge can be exchanged through online platforms and discusses the role that reflection can play. Editors of describe the creation of the new platform in which colleges, universities, and the local government formally work together. Pinar Sefkatli talks about her experience in working with students, highlighting the importance of sharing work in progress. Finally, philosophy student, Veronica Baas, gives a reflection on the emergence of knowledge in social interactions and how a democratic influence can help determine what knowledge is.

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