Space of Other

Space of Other is a spatial installation and performative space by architect Afaina de Jong and artist Innavision that explores the relation between space and identity in the context of the gentrifying city. The installation mediates between the public spaces of the city, its interior spaces and its residents altering notions of representation through presentation. Spaces like identities are constructed. And even though spaces can often seem neutral or given, our movements, activities and life are always dictated by the way space is produced. The same is true for identity. Identities are constructed and not always by ourselves. In this moment in history we are once more reconsidering notions of identity, while at the same cities are becoming more and more universal and generic. Gentrification is displacing residents who have over time created local cultures, causing the loss of identity, community, and public space. Spaces of Other aims to find answers to the question of how to define identity within the dynamic environment of the city. During the summer of 2019 Space of Other hosted performances and talks with Local creatives, thinkers and do-ers in the Space of Other installation at Wozen Gallery.

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