Francesco Tiboni

Naval and Underwater Archaeologist

Francesco Tiboni is a Naval and an Underwater Archaeologist, specialist of ancient shipbuilding and naval iconography. Member of the International Scientific Committee (2005-2008) of the UNESCO Pile Dwelling Sites List of the Alpine Region project, in the last ten years he has directed the excavation and recovery of a series of wrecks dating from the Roman era to the Modern Age. Involved in several projects on behalf of the Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage, between 2004 and 2010 he has performed some underwater excavations in the city of Venice and in the Venetian Lagoon, particularly focusing on the Arsenale. Tutor of the Nautical Archaeology Society, from 2012 Francesco is also an oversea correspondent of the Mariner’s Mirror, the journal of the Society for Nautical Research from Portsmouth - UK.

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    Chapter 7: Arsenals of Globalization

    The Arsenale of Venice is nowadays an urban landmark and the core location…

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