Fantina Madricardo

Researcher at ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine

Dr. Fantina Madricardo is a researcher at ISMAR Istituto di Scienze Marine. She has degrees in Physics from the University of Padova, Italy (1999), a PhD in Theoretical Physics from the University of Hamburg, Germany (2002). Her research focuses on underwater acoustics and shallow water geophysics applied to geomorphology, benthic habitat mapping and the study of anthropogenic impacts on the seabed in coastal areas. She is currently scientific coordinator of the EASME / EMFF / 2017 / / S2 / 05 / SI2.789314 - "marGnet" project, and ISMAR’s SOUNDSCAPE project in the northern Adriatic. She is involved in the H2020 ENDURUNS project in the research program for a "regulated" lagoon - Venice 2021, and in the H2020 EVEREST, Interreg Med AMAre and Life GHOST projects.

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