Ten years of ‘Amsterdam Science Now’

In collaboration with the Faculty of Science (UvA)

20 jan 2020 20:00 - 21:30

The 10th issue of ‘Amsterdam Science Magazine’ is out! We celebrate this festive fact with an evening during which three contributors of the magazine explain their research.

Amsterdam Science Magazine was founded five years ago by a group of inspired scientists who aimed to show the diversity and high quality of scientific research within Amsterdam. Several institutions joined their initiative. In the magazine, scientists themselves tell about their research in the fields of physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology, earth sciences, informatics and the medical sciences. During this evening we meet the editors, hear their stories and toast to a new decade of science writing. Amongst other topics we discuss ‘How penguin poo creates Antarctic hotspots’ and ‘What tiny magma droplets in olivine minerals tell us about the deep earth’. 


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