Low-traffic Amsterdam

City council 22 January 2020

The car is still indispensable for many people at times. This agenda is aimed at getting Amsterdammers and visitors to the city to opt more often for an alternative and to make optimal use of the limited public space. In this agenda we have made sharp choices, which are necessary in a city like Amsterdam that is growing and thriving and that is becoming increasingly busy with more residents, commuters and visitors.

These choices are given shape in 27 measures, which are partly the result of the intensive discussions we have had with the city and the region. Think of more and affordable public transport, free travel for children at weekends and on Wednesday afternoons, expansion of the number of high-quality public transport lines and more options for sharing cars and other means of transport. But also reducing car journeys through smart logistics, a number of new 'cuts' in places where necessary, creating space by removing parking spaces and redesigning some neighborhoods are part of the package of measures.

Discussed in the City Council 22 January 2020

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Discussed in the Commision Mobility 16 January 2020

Discussed in the Commission Traffic Transport and Air quality, water and sustainability (Verkeer Vervoer en Luchtkwaliteit, Water, Duurzaamheid) and Circular Economy d.d. 21 November 2019

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Gemeente Amsterdam, Verkeer & Openbare Ruimte, oktober 2019
Tekst en redactie: Gemeente Amsterdam, Verkeer & Openbare Ruimte
T. Koorn, V&OR,
W. Kuné, V&OR,
E. van der Molen, V&OR,

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