Adding and Editing an Article

Een artikel is een item dat een titel, samenvatting en tekst bevat, inclusief mediabestanden zoals foto's, documenten en video's. Het is belangrijk om trefwoorden en locatie aan het artikel toe te voegen, om ervoor te zorgen dat het aan andere artikelen kan worden toegevoegd en om het op de kaart op de homepage te plaatsen. In deze handleiding leggen we uit hoe gebruikers met artikelen kunnen werken.

In this manual, we explain how to start with creating an article, how to add a summary and a body text, how to add an icon and a banner. To add a Media Item to the Body Text,  a Location, Address and Geo Location to the Article, a Hyperlink to the Body Text, a Document to the Article, and Keywords, please follow the manuals that are linked to this text. 


Note: you can only add articles if you are the owner of a collection or participant in a workspace. To read more about your rights and access, check the manual Rights and access on Openresearch.


1. Go to the Workspace or Collection where you want to create your article. To read about what happens in creating the articles in the different tabs of the workspaces, go to the manual for Editing the Workspaces.

2. Click on "+Article".


3. A new window will appear asking the name of the article. Please type your title here and then click on "create".

After typing your title, you will see existing content appear on openresearch with the same or a similar title. Before you click on 'create', please check whether the article you want to create has not already been placed on openresearch by another participant or editor. If the item you want to create already exists, click on the item to duplicate it to your collection. This prevents duplication!


4. Check your title, add a summary and/or a subtitle.

The summary window is used to tell what the article is about in no more than 5 sentences. At the bottom of the edit screen is a body text window with more space for text and formatting.


5. Go to the body text and add a text, a media item or a link. Please consult the following manual for more information about adding content or hyperlinks.


6. Manage the sharing options of your article.

Here you will find more information about the different layers of publicity on

  • If you want the article to be shared with the users of the paltform, click on "Share with all members". 
  • For sharing the article only with the members of your project group, click on "Work in progress". 


7. If necessary, adjust the publication date of your article. The date you upload the article will be the default publication date. If you don't adjust it, this is the date that will appear.

Please use the publication date of the original publication, not the date you publish the article on openresearch.


8. Authorship is important in creating new material. As the logged in user, you are automatically the author of a new article.

  • Only the authors can edit that article. 
  • If you want more people to contirbute to the article, click on ".+voeg toe: auteur".
  • Type the name of your group members who you would like to have as co-authors. Then click on their names.


9. Add a banner (background image or color) to the article.

  • Go to the banner section.
  • Click on "+ voeg toe: banner"
  • Click on "choose file" to add a new image
  • Do not forget to mention the source or photographer of your image under the media title. For example: 'Source:' or Photographer: Edwin van Eis.


10. Add an icon (small image at front) to the article.

An icon is also known as a 'thumbnail'. The image that you upload here is visible in the collection containing the article in question.

  • Go to the icon section.
  • Click on "+ voeg toe: ikoon"
  • Click on "choose file" to add a new image
  • Do not forget to mention the source or photographer of your image under the media title. For example: 'Source:' or Photographer: Edwin van Eis.


11. Add a location to your article. 

  • Go to the location section.
  • Click on "+ voeg toe: location"

  • The locations that are listed in the location window only display the large areas in Amsterdam.
  • To add an adres or Geo Data, please follow the manual for Adding a Location.


12. Add a keyword.

Keywords are crucial. They ensure that your article becomes visible in relation to other content on the platform. If you are sure which keywords you want to add, here is a document that can help you.

  • Go to the keyword section.

  • Click on "+ voeg toe: keyword".
  • Choose a suitable keyword for your article.


13. When you are done with working on your article, click on save.

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