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City Archives

City of Amsterdam

Here you will find the image bank and the archive bank of the City Archives. The image bank contains 400,000 photos and the archive bank contains more than 20 miles of archive documents.

The City Archives acquires, stores, and discloses archives and collections of the city government, private institutions, and companies that have something to do with Amsterdam. The City Archives bring out knowledge about the city of Amsterdam that can be found in the archives in publications, exhibitions, and events. In addition, she advises and supervises digital and analog archiving by the organisational units of the municipality of Amsterdam.

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The main tasks of the City Archives consist of:

  • Acquiring, managing and making available the Amsterdam archive and documentary heritage. The collections include digital, printed and written material, maps, drawings, prints, photos and audiovisual documentation;
  • Ensuring that the archives of the city of Amsterdam are transferred to the City Archives in an orderly and accessible state;
  • Managing information in whatever form;
  • Supervising the requirements of completeness, authenticity, integrity and accessibility of information in the primary processes and process applications

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