What is the EU green deal?

and how do we make it?

A healthy planet is necessary for the future of Europe. EU countries have committed to becoming climate neutral by 2050, in line with commitments under the Paris Agreement. The Green Deal is the strategy with which the EU wants to achieve the 2050 target.

What is the European Green Deal?

The European Green Deal is a package of policy initiatives that should help the EU with the green transition, with the ultimate goal of climate neutrality by 2050.

The Green Deal supports the transformation of the EU into a fair and prosperous society with a modern and competitive economy.

A holistic and cross-sectoral approach is aimed for: all relevant policy areas must contribute to the ultimate climate goal. The package includes initiatives on climate, environment, energy, transport, industry, agriculture and sustainable finance, which are closely interlinked.

The European Green Deal was launched by the Commission in December 2019 and the European Council at its meeting month.

What is the Fit for 55 package and how does it work?

The Fit for 55 package includes both new legislative proposals and adjustments to existing EU legislation. It will help the EU to reduce its net emissions and become climate neutral.

Which topics are specifically addressed within the Fit-for-55 legislation?

  • The EU emissions system
  • A social climate fund
  • Carbon border adjustment
  • Emission reduction targets of Member States
  • Emissions and removals in land use and forestry
  • CO2 emission standards for cars
  • Reducing methane emissions in the energy sector
  • Sustainable aviation fuel
  • Carbon-free fuel in shipping
  • Infrastructure for alternative fuels
  • Renewable energy
  • Energy efficiency
  • Energy performance of buildings
  • Carbon-free hydrogen and gas market
  • Energy taxation

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