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Deepdive #4 "Measuring & Assessing Social Impact..." (October 27nd)

Following the ESG4C Research Conference #1 (on September 13th), four deep dive sessions are organized until the next research conference of November 1. The aim of these sessions is to integrate different knowledge, experiences and perspectives from the first working conference into a more collaborative strategy and working method.

This fourth online deepdive-session will focus on Measuring & Assessing Social Impact and new methodologies that point to measuring social status quo, effort and outcome in living environments. Insight on new best practices, case studies and frameworks..

Caroline Nevejan, CSO City of Amsterdam, opening and recap of research so far
Peter Hildering from Academion about qualitative peer reviews on assessment and accreditation in education
Martin Gauk from ESPON on their European platform for assessing digital maturity
Smita Jain from Mastercard about their Inclusive Growth Impact project and collaborators
Katya Letunovski from Habidatum about their platform Chronotope City and how it helps visualize unused space-time resources in Cities
Wesley Ankrah from Savills UK about measuring social value in the built environment

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Header image: ESG Deepdive #4 - Measuring and assessing social impact

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