How can the electrification of boating be feasible?

The city of Amsterdam aims to improve air quality and one of their measurements is to electrify recreational boats by 2025. To find how the transition is perceived we based our research on ‘How does the Amsterdam boating community perceive the feasibility of the transition from fossil-fuelled recreational boats to electric boats by 2025?' Our team TableTurners, was curious on the different viewpoints of the various people involved in the potential transition of boating in the center of Amsterdam. Therefore, we started to research about the possible interventions which we representated in our infographic. It introduces the progress of transition to make people's boating lifestyle more sustainable for example by outlining technological intervention to enable faster charging hours on the electric batteries. Moreover, meauring boating owners behaviour towards the transition if it is implemented.

Authors: Daan Boven, Akanksha Chatterjee, Angeline Palumbo & Angélica Saglimbeni Salas.

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