The impact of circular strategies for road maintenance in cities

Data-based recommendations to reduce CO2 emissions of roads

The EU, the Netherlands and Amsterdam all aim to reduce their emissions by 60% by 2030. To achieve this, the infrastructure sector needs to change, with road asset managers having a particularly important role. Construction and maintenance of roads account for two-thirds of all emissions in the infrastructure sector, emitting 2723 kiloton (kton) CO2-eq per year, which is over 1.5% of total annual emissions in the Netherlands. Circular paving offers a practical and affordable solution to quickly reduce this footprint, as revealed by research from AMS Institute.

This report demonstrates the precise impact public road authorities can have and which choices are most effective. Should they opt for reuse or sustainable new paving materials? How much impact does this truly have in the bigger picture and what are the costs involved?

Felix Fröhling,
Joppe van Driel,