Towards a future without natural gas for monumental buildings

Strategies for energy retrofitting of De Drie Maagden

The deployment of energy reduction actions jointly across multiple buildings at once are much needed to reach the climate targets of reaching a reduction of 3.4 megatons of CO2 for the built environment. In the Netherlands, over 1.5 million homes are part of associations of co-owners VvE (Vereniging van Eigenaren). Each dweller is accountable for their own energy use, while being constrained with their own financial capacity and a shared will to act with other buildings co-owners. There is an existing and ever growing split between individualized responsibilities and the collective energy transition, which has led to fragmented scale and scope responses to the energy retrofitting challenges.

Collect Your Retrofits intends to design a replicable and collective retrofit approach in the context of monumental areas while reframing the cultural notion of energy. As opposed to the current energy system where one is individually incentivized, the research aims to support VvE communities in making collective and informed multi-criteria decisions for energy-efficiency retrofit solutions.

The project develops the collective approach under the real conditions of two communities: a self-organized woongroep “De Drie Maagden” and a VvE in the historic center of Amsterdam. The present report examines what combined strategies would be the most suitable to make De Drie Maagden more energy-efficient, while improving indoor comfort and preserving the aesthetic and historic values of the monument.

This research was conducted by Max Cunin, Andy van den Dobbelsteen, Leo Gommans, Hans Roeland Poolman, Maéva Dang and Paul Voskuilen. The project was funded by NWO (KIEM GOCI). 

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