MSc MADE Thesis AMS Institute - ‘What time is it?’: a philosophical analysis of diverse time concepts

MADE Student Project

Time can be an incredibly rich design tool, yet in today’s world it is most commonly seen and applied as a constant variable for measurement. Before the proliferation of accurate and synchronized clocks, time perception was determined by authoritative rules, relative geographical position to the sun, rhythm of the seasons, observations of stars and life on earth as well as physical and mental exercise.
Seeing and applying time in a diverse way helps making our lives liveable and sustainable. To expand our understanding of time beyond the concept of speed (which often leads to a dichotomy of faster versus slower) this study focusses on developing time diversity. The methods employed are design thinking, social deconstruction, literature study, in-depth interviews with activists, artists and researchers who study time, light and visual cataloguiging.

References for this study can be found inside this document.

Author: Daniel van Duijn

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