Rights of Nature

Humans have long been the center of everything. Of our society and of our political, economic and justice system. By not including nature in our decision-making, our harmful human activities have persisted for too long, leading to an ecological crisis. If we want to find the right solutions, we must listen to nature and give its voice a place in our society. Only then will we know what nature really needs and can we let go of the idea that humans are the center of everything.

In New Zealand and India, this movement has already started and the Whanganui River and Ganges River now have rights as we humans have. The rights of nature movement is also receiving increasing attention in the Netherlands. For example, the Embassy of the North Sea has been actively listening to the North Sea since 2018 and they want the North Sea to have self-determination by 2030. The Zoöp organizational model makes the interests of non-human life part of organizational decision-making in order to support ecological regeneration. The Zoöp model was presented during the Venice Architecture Biennale 2021.

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Header image: Wikimedia Commons - Noordzee

Icon image: Flickr - One of the many lookouts over the Whanganui River