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Chapter 14: Unfolding Arch of Forging Fantasy

A trail of possible meetings, a tragedy, inspiring books, websites, a WhatsApp conversation that led to the Comedia del’arte, missed scenario’s and plots, a scanned, sold out book full of fans, inspire a new perspective on communication in times of climate crisis. Created in a dialogue with text and images, as we did for centuries, a plea for playfulness and fantasy emerges.

In this collection you can find:
1. Chapter 14 in the publication 'Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium'.
2. The Interview by Caroline Nevejan and Jane da Mosto with the participants of the Unfolding Arch project group.

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This Cahier is created in collaboration with We are here Venice.

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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Header image: The Unfolding Arch..

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