Article the development of a digital platform for knowledge sharing

On 21 April 2020, launches after two and a half years of development. This digital platform allows researchers from the City of Amsterdam and its local universities and colleges to collaborate on, in, for, and with the city, as well as find each other while working on research projects to strengthen each other’s work from different perspectives. In the city, tasks are integrated and interdisciplinary – energy transition, for example, is about infrastructure, ICT, behavioural change, culture, mobility, health, and more besides. openresearch makes it possible to publish one’s own research and then see who else is working on the same subject from a different perspective. The Chief Science Office at the City of Amsterdam is developing and managing this platform with the ambition to create a place for research and innovation about, with, by, and for Amsterdam and the region, in order to create synergy between research in universities, colleges, and the city

Authors: Caroline Nevejan, Ida de Freitas, Elisabeth IJmker, Thijs van Schijndel, Carrie Leermakers, Bernadette Hillege

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