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Seminar Session #3 - Scales of Rhythm: Through Body to Crowd

3 November 2018, 10.00–13.00 | Location: Imagine IC, Bijlmerplein 393, 1102 DK Amsterdam

While unpacking the diversity of scales and the contexts of rhythm, in this session we will draw special attention to the human body as the translator between the physical environment and subjectivities, and between the individual and the collective. The body is the catalyst for using and misusing physical and urban spaces, and vice versa: movements and behavioural habits, our mechanisms of sense making, and the feeling of belonging are all highly influenced by the organization of private, institutional and collective spaces.

Which rhythms include different subjectivities as one collective voice, and which rhythms exclude subjectivities? And the other way around: which collective rhythms influence bodies? Which bodies (or crowds) are taken into consideration with the spatial decisions and protocols for the development of a city? All these questions are to be discussed during the session.

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