Documentary 'Мaison d’Être'

Maison d'Être is an exploratory documentary about people's emotional place attachment in highly dynamic Greater Paris undergoing large-scale urban renewal campaigns. Parisien suburbia has been a frontier between world civilisations where wellbeing encounters despair. Here local habits get confronted by government-sponsored plans for urban transformation and social aid.

In Paris "home" manifests itself as one of the key existential challenges of the modern culture - a "raison d'être" of everyday life. The film is addressed to both professional audiences of urbanists, city planners, architects, and curious public. It displays numerous conversations among residents, city activists, politicians, city planners and scientists, those who reflect on the regeneration strategy of the socially depressed urban neighbourhoods.

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Film by: Marina Sapunova, Alexander Zubkov, Maria Kosobokova

Producers: Alexei Novikov, Ekaterina Dyba, Vera Leonova, Nina Berezner

Production – Graduate School of Urbanism, National Research University “Higher School of Economics”, independent association Мaison d’Être in partnership with association D’Est. Supported by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and Siradel Engie. Filming – summer 2017, Paris. First Prize of the Documentary Film festival Center in Moscow, 2018.


Мaison d’Être // 2017, documentary, subs