Bsc Thesis - Sexual Remittances: The Case of Queer Migrants in Amsterdam

By Nikolai von Moltke

In this research I investigated the sexual remittances of queer migrants in Amsterdam, as they arrive in the city with their culturally situated notions of gender and sexuality. This influences their evolving queer identities in the city and subsequently shapes the adopted or appropriated gender and sexuality beliefs, norms, and practices they send back to their place of origin.

Below the pink-washed surface of Amsterdam's widespread reputation for being a safe haven for queer people from around the world, there exist the queer migrants who do not fit the bill. It is these subjects that are at the forefront of deconstructing mainstream heteronormativity, as they build transnational cultures which permeate and call into question the Dutch identity. This research uncovers the marginalized queer identities and experiences of those who deserve space and safety in a city which has built its name upon promises of inclusivity. I pose the following questions:

- In the case of Amsterdam's queer migrants, what does the process of sexual remittances entail?
- In which ways do queer migrants in Amsterdam transfer collective and individual sexual
- In which ways do migration trajectories shape the sexual remittance process?

Author: Nikolai von Moltke

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