Final product

Advice report

This advice report contains recommendations for the ‘Wildeman Gezond’ project. Where the ‘Wildeman Gezond’ project focuses on the improvement of the overall health of the residents of the Wildemanbuurt, this advice report only focuses on the increase of physical activity (PA) of children between 5 and 12 years old in the neighborhood.

Through interviews with parents of children in Wildemanbuurt, students who work at VoorUit and stakeholders from the coalition, an insight was gained regarding the issues surrounding PA of children in Wildemanbuurt. These issues were then analyzed and compared with findings from existing literature. From this analysis, five main themes emerged: parental physical (in)activity, neighborhood safety, community social cohesion, cultural barriers and spatial pressure.

The problem analysis created a clear overview of the possible barriers causing physical inactivity in the Wildemanbuurt. With the solutions, childrens will be reached directly, but also indirectly through their parents and other influential figures, such as the students from Vooruit. Furthermore, the results of the investigation phase show some problems in the community that are not being addressed yet by any activities, such as the feeling of unsafety and lack of social cohesion. Consequently, the solutions will contain a combination of how to improve current activities and initiatives and an introduction to new activities that can be implemented in the community.

Our solutions includes: A Physical Active Friendly Environment, make the residents aware of the opportunities, low-threshold sport activities, a buddy program, playground hour, safe and active transportation, and to create a physical activity video for and with the residents.