Interdisciplinarity Beyond the Buzzword: Full publication

A Guide to Academic Work Across Disciplines

This publication by the Amsterdam Young Academy (AYA) offers insight into the attitudes and practices of more than 20 intensely interdisciplinary researchers from the University of Amsterdam, the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, Amsterdam University Medical Centers and beyond. These scholars and practitioners were interviewed on their collaborations with colleagues in other fields. From the assembled conversations new and deepened understandings of interdisciplinary practices emerge. The collected insights, and the interviewers’ reflections on them, offer a stimulating ground for newcomers, as well as a comforting mirror for all of us who conduct and enjoy this kind of research for quite a while already.


Editors-in-chief: Bram Mellink & Linda Douw
Editors: Anastasia Sergeeva, Antske Fokkens, Boris Noordenbos,
Elsje van Bergen, Miriam Wijkman, Theo Araujo
Illustrations: Merel Barends
Graphic design: Aldus’ producties; Tijl Akkermans
and Kars van den Heuvel

Twitter: @ayoungacademy

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