Building a nexus between policing and care

The case of Flying Squads in Amsterdam

This article aims at an understanding of the complex dynamics of integral community safety policies. In the following pages, I focus on the case of so-called ‘Flying Squads’ (Vliegende Brigades), previously piloted in Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands. These squads, which play an intermediate role in integral safety, combine policing and welfare sector responsibilities for diminishing or solving ‘minor’ offences such as littering,
loitering, and public drunkenness in the urban public domain.

Steden, R. van (2018). ‘Building a nexus between policing and care: the case of Flying Squads in Amsterdam’, in: H, Boutellier & W. Trommel (red.), Emerging governance: crafting communities in an improvising society. Den Haag: Eleven, 51-65 

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