Visualization for better Stakeholder Communication: Design of a visualization strategy tool and an empowering visual tool for multi-stakeholder projects

MSc. Thesis by Kai Zhang

In multi-stakeholder projects, diverse professional backgrounds lead to communication challenges. Visualizing information is seen as a solution, but creating a structured approach for it remains challenging in both theory and practice. Many people acknowledge the value of visualization in communication involving multiple stakeholders, but there has been significant resistance to using it in practice. This resistance stems from the misconception that only designers or artists possess the ability to create visual content. Consequently, some people have difficulty expressing their ideas visually and tend to rely too heavily on graphic designers for visualization strategies.

To meet the primary stakeholders needs, in this case in the LIFE project, Kai created two tools: the “Empowering Visual Tool” (EVT) and the “Visualization Strategy Tool” (VST). The EVT was used to encourage residents of Amsterdam Southeast to visually express their ideas about the future city. This tool was later supported by the “Strategic Empowering Visual Tool” (SEVT) to handle complex information in projects involving multiple stakeholders.

Source: TU Delft