Online Winter Programmes University of Amsterdam l January 2024

Unleash your potential with online UvA Summer School Winter Programmes

Embark on a transformative learning journey from the comfort of your own home with the University of Amsterdam’s Winter Programmes. Dive into a world of knowledge and innovation, through our engaging online courses. Connect with a global community of learners, engage in stimulating discussions and broaden your horizons as you explore these vital topics shaping our societies. In just two weeks, we explore a diverse array of topics led by experts including our innovative bootcamp, the transformative landscape of AI and the future of work, the mysterious realms of the occult, and the crucial issues in urban studies and migration.

1.Artifical intelligence: Opportunities and Challenges for the New Workplace

It is clear that human interaction with intelligent technology is becoming increasingly more commonplace, especially within the context of various workplaces. But how does it influence the ways humans interact and make decisions at work? What are the potential benefits and consequences of such a shift in our everyday and future lives? And how will this shape future organisations?

2. Migration and Integration: Refugees, Rights & Realities

In this course, we will discuss global governance issues from diverse perspectives such as sociology, geopolitics, international refugee law, and anthropology. We will focus on global politics, get an introduction in international refugee law and learn more about state's responses to refugee influxes. We will look specifically into a few displacement situations across the world and dive deeper into the topic of integration of refugees and the gender angle in displacement. 

3. Key Topics on Urban Studies l Study at your own pace

This course will introduce participants to the most important topics in Urban Studies by covering a wide range of perspectives. Through a series of pre-recorded lectures and digital city tours by our team of experts, participants will learn about the various facets that make up the urban fabric of a city. Explore topics, such as: urban psychology and sensescapes, urban social movements, circular cities, smart urban ecology and more!

4. Bootcamp: Ethnography and Design

Are you interested in challenging yourself in a teamwork-based bootcamp environment to move your ideas from research to design to prototype and pitch? Then come join our applied-anthropology and design coaches and learn by doing in a fast-paced setting. The main question that we will tackle during this intensive programme is: how can we carry out careful nuanced qualitative research whilst providing quick and actionable results? 

5.Visions of the Occult: Introduction to (Western) Esotericism

This course will touch on Hermeticism, alchemy, magic, Freemasonry, spiritualism  and New Age and psychedelic culture. Diving into this diverse field with the experts of the Centre for the History of Hermetic Philosophy —the world’s foremost institute for the study of Western esotericism—we will investigate the written word, film, music, and graphic novels to reflect on these various topics.


Seize this opportunity to elevate your knowledge, refine your skills and forge enduring connections. Enroll now and embark on and educational journey that will enrich your mind and empower your future endeavors. Don’t miss this chance to learn, grow and thrive with the UvA Winter School Programmes!


Programme website you can find here | All digital study materials included | Academic Dates: Monday 15 January – Friday 26 January 2024|  Duration: 2 weeks | Admissions Deadline: 10 December 2023 |Questions? Email:

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