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Five essays on citizenship and democratization

In this collection you will find five essays by the Urban Citizen Fellows, written as a conclusion to their research.

The Urban Citizen Fellowship program is a collaboration between the Netherlands Institute of Advance Studies (NIAS) and the City of Amsterdam.

This unique fellowship offers researchers the opportunity to carry out research projects on issues related to living in a city and feeling like a citizen. It combines the advantages of working in the interdisciplinary environment of an Institute for Advanced Study with the advantages of a project with a high societal impact and concrete results.

Based on the research results, an important aspect of the Urban Citizen Fellowship is to provide insights and advice for policy making for the City of Amsterdam. Each fellow works with a relevant contact person at the municipality to encourage intellectual exchange and practical collaboration. The urban citizen fellows also work together, with each fellow building on the work of previous fellows. The fellowship concludes with an essay written for a general audience and a lecture or presentation to the congregation. The essays are written in Dutch.

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