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The 10th of December is International Human Rights Day. The week leading up to this day is Digital Rights Week.

During this week, activities related to digital human rights will take place throughout the city. Digital human rights are about all human rights from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, but in the context of the digital, online world.

With digital human rights you can therefore think of the right to privacy, but also the right to participate. How do we ensure that everyone has access to the digital world? For example, for arranging banking affairs.

In this collection you can read which initiatives are taking place during the Digital Rights Week in Amsterdam. You will also find information about municipal policy on digital rights and which tools Amsterdam uses to safeguard people's digital rights. Subsequently, digital rights are discussed from an international perspective, and you will find research on the theme of digital rights by Amsterdam and national knowledge institutions. Finally, you will find a collection on the sub-theme of privacy.

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