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Multifunctional neighbourhood hubs for liveable cities

This is the collection for 'Multifunctional neighbourhood hubs for liveable cities.' Multifunctional neighbourhood hubs are places residents can access for multiple purposes, created with the goal of less transportation in mind. This session took place during the scientific conference: Reinventing the City. This conference was organised by AMS Institute.

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Examples of potential functions are: shared e-mobility, recycling disposal point, do-it-yourself machinery rental, co-working spaces, or social work. Multifunctional hubs that combine logistical, societal and economic functions have hardly ever been studied nor implemented. Questions in this regard are: which functions can be integrated in a hub? How to create added value to private and public organisations and the local community? What business models are suitable? And what are the design and implementation criteria? A variety of potential users of the hub have been identified: citizens, employees, shop-owners, logistics services providers, technical service providers, suppliers of food and/or non-food products, and waste collectors.

This conference session will be practically oriented by discussing two case studies. This is done in collaboration with: 1) Business Association WEST in Groningen and 2) Business Investment Zone Knowledge Mile in Amsterdam.

Speakers: Sjouke van der Vlugt, Susanne Balm and Bram Kin. 

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