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Responsible Urban Digitization

This is a collection for the paper presentations of "Responsible Urban Digitization". A set of paper presentations consisting out of four parts, conducted during the scientific conference: Reinventing the City at AMS Institute.

These presentations show the diverse way in which the digital impacts the city.
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The following presentations are included in this collection:

  • A Web-based Tool to Support Human-Centered Design of Inclusive Urban Interventions (researcher: Yen-Chia Hsu)
  • Safeguarding Machine Vision in Cities: Know What Your Machine Shouldn’t Know (researcher: Andrea Mauri)
  • Agent-based Modeling of Urban Exposome Interventions: Prospects, Methodological Considerations and Challenges (researcher: Tabea Sonnenschein)
  • A global analysis of multifaceted urbanization and implications for sustainability using Earth Observation (researcher: Yunyu Tian)

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