Pandamic preparedness and the future of healthcare

A High-level group report of the Africa-Europe Foundation

Under the strategic guidance of the High-Level Group of Personalities, the Africa-Europe Foundation’s flagship report proposes a vision for the future of global healthcare. The report reaffirms the Foundation’s call for action on vaccine equity, the interdependence between health, climate and development, as well as the role of digital technologies for a better resilience in the future healthcare ecosystems.

The report outlines how a comprehensive partnership between Africa and Europe, based on mutual recognition of shared challenges and mutual learning, could strengthen the international response to future crises. Key recommendations include the necessity to restructure the finance, manufacturing and supply chains; to enact the health-climate-development nexus; and to foster the strategic implementation of digital technologies in healthcare systems.



Paul Walton Report Director
Wuleta Lemma
Digital Healthcare Ambassador
Tamsin Rose
Senior Fellow for Health
Rahul Chawla
Coordinating Editor
Charles Ebikeme
Rasna Warah
Strategic Contents Advisor
Matjaz Krmelj
Graphic Designer

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