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Do you visit openresearch to look for information? In the collection 'navigate openresearch' we explain how the platform is structured. Do you want to contribute to the platform yourself? Link on 'more information' and read the different roles we have at You can check which role fits you best is and click on the right collection to access the manual.

More information

On this platform there are three different roles that you can fullfil, each with different functions and different rights: editor, participant, and stakeholders. 

Editors are appointed by the editor-in-chief.  They edit the content of their own collections. Within their collection they can add new articles, collections and projects. Editors create accounts for participants and stakeholders. 

Participants are either civil servants at the municipality of Amsterdam or one of the other involved local authorities or they are researchers at one of the involved universities (of applied sciences) within the Metropolitan Area of Amsterdam. Once their editor has authorized them, they can add content to their collections.   

Stakeholders are involved with one of the participating local autorities or universities on a project base. They are granted access to a private project space by their editor. Within this project space they can add and edit articles and collections. To make this content freely accessible, they need permission from their editors. For example, stakeholders are employees of companies, foundations or inhabitants of Amsterdam.   

Click here for more information about the ownership and copyright that the different roles have with regard to the content they publish. 

Are you unsure about what kind of role you would fulfill at our platform? Please contact our editorial office or send an e-mail to 

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