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Chapter 11: What do we need?

Because of COVID-19 all meetings with residents for input in the new Spatial Vision, which aligns the initiatives for new buildings, urban landscape and infrastructure for the coming years, were cancelled. Then the municipality asked seven cultural smart catalysts to invent various ways to catch stories in all 7 boroughs of Amsterdam during lockdown. The seven story catchers ask residents and entrepreneurs ‘What do you need in the future to come?’

In this collection you can find:
1. Chapter 11 in the publication 'Values for Survival, the Venice Exploratorium'.
2. Biographies of the seven Story Catchers.
3. All collected stories per city district
4. Homepage collection 'Democracy in Practice', with different publications focussing on the question: Is it possible to ensure an accessible and humane government for all residents of the city?
5. The Dutch Publication 'Wat hebben wij nodig?'

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This Cahier is created in collaboration with We are here Venice.

Commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut.

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