Introduction, Amstel-Stad and the New Method

Chapter 1-1 describes the development and transformation initiatives in Amstel-Stad. Current water management, soil structure and environmental hygiene are illustrated with maps. Bottlenecks in public space and the ever-increasing demand for energy are explained in Chapters 1-2 and 1-3. Chapter 1-4 describes how bottlenecks occur with increasing frequency, slowing the progress of area development. Climate adaptation, energy transition and circular economy call for a new design method, which is explained in six steps in Chapter 1-5. To achieve a comprehensive overview, the design method is based on themes and performance goals that concern the entire Amstel-Stad area.

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Table of content:

Introduction / p. 7

1 About the Amstel-Stad area / p. 11

2 Bottlenecks in public space / p. 17

3 Urban ambitions and stress test / p. 25

4 Area development and public space / p. 45

5 Description of new design method / p. 53

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