Volume 2 – Handbook

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The Handbook is a catalogue of generic measures and resulting details, from which the urban designer can select in programming and designing public space and accompanying underground space.

The measures and resulting details for each theme are described and illustrated by drawings. Each chapter starts with a short introduction to the theme, an overview table of the measures and details (with page references) and a circle showing the high-potential combinations of details with other details. The illustrated details are then presented for each scale (area, network, public space, site and building). Listed beneath each detail are the codes of other details related to the same or other themes that create a win-win situation.

Table of Content: 

Introduction/ p.3

Living Environment: measures and resulting details/ p.5 

Water: Measures and resulting details/ p.23

Flora & Fauna: measures and resulting details/ p. 43 

Energy: measures and resulting details/ p.53 

Soil & Subsurface: measures and resulting details/ p. 67 

Materials: measures and resulting details/ p. 86 

Specifications/ p. 104 

Appendix/ p. 116 

Register/ p. 120

Picture credits/ p. 131

Amstel-Stad project team/ p. 132

Acknowledgements/ p. 132



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