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This year, Femke Kaulingfreks has become the new Wibaut chair holder. She will give her inaugural lecture on November 30th.

This collection offers an overview of the research articles, speeches and projects in which Femke Kaulingfreks has been involved. On Thursday, November 30, she will give her inaugural speech 'On the threshold of the city. How the city takes shape in in-between spaces' to accept the position of professor by special appointment of metropolitan issues (the Wibaut Chair).

Femke Kaulingfreks has been a lecturer on Youth and Society since March 1, 2018. She is affiliated with the master's program in Pedagogy and the broad bachelor's degree in Social Work at Inholland University of Applied Sciences. Femke is also a professor at the University of Amsterdam, where she was appointed to the Wibaut Chair in February 2023. She conducts research on the development of the city from a social science perspective. Femke is also a member of the program council of the newly established Knowledge Center Amsterdam Inequality Lab.

With the appointment of Femke, the Wibaut Chair will focus in the next five years on relationships within social groups in Amsterdam and the relationship between government and residents. During the period that she holds the chair, she wants to establish an institute in which scholars work together with professionals and residents of Amsterdam on the challenges of the city. Given her research experience in the field of social and political participation, the municipality expects that she can contribute to improving the relationship between citizens and government.

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