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Deepdive #2 "Mapping Frameworks & Partnerships and Guidelines for social & cultural organisations to benefit from ESG frameworks." (October 6th)

Following the ESG4C Research Conference (on September 13th), four deep dive sessions are organized until the next research conference of November 1. The aim of these sessions is to integrate different knowledge, experiences and perspectives from the first working conference into a more collaborative strategy and working method.

In this second session we will dive into sustainable frameworks & partnerships and guidelines for social & cultural organisations to benefit from these. We will discuss various sustainable frameworks and different starting points they offer to manage the sustainable impact in different forms of collaboration. In this collection you find:

1) Caroline Nevejan introduces the deepdive and recaps the research process until now.
2) Joost van Faassen (strategist at the CTO innovation team of the municipality of Amsterdam) presents their recent inventory on sustainable frameworks, what we use in Amsterdam and in what situations.
3) Marten Klein (deputy infrastructure & engineering) tells about his experience with the Economy for the Common Good (ECG) framework
4) Egon van Wees from the economic department shares his considerations, choices and experiences in respectively procurement and creating an environment for impact economy
5) Ilonka de Beer (independent strategist and program manager) will share her story of The Green Hub in Zuidoost, how they set up and realized bottom-up initiatives in the form of Donut Deals and their actual challenges

Furthermore. you find materials that are discussed during the deepdive.

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