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2021 Next Generation Podium Eurodelta

Online symposium highlights and presentations

The Online Symposium Week, 'Next Generation Podium for Eurodelta' explored the future developments for the territory of Eurodelta from the perspectives of the next generation with discussions and insights from eminent speakers. The 5-day conference consisted of three lunch forums and two day online symposium, held between 17th – 21st May 2021. On this page, you can find the links to the videos of presentations from speakers and highlights from the event.

During the first edition of the Podium many themes were presented to see the broad spectrum of challenges and to see creative solutions being developed within the Eurodelta.

Day 1
Presentation 1: Introducing SURE-Eurodelta by Erik Pasveer (City of Amsterdam) in discussion with John Bachtler (EPRC)
Presentation 2: Interview of Maurits Schaafsma (Board, Deltametropolis Association) and Stefanie van den Bogaerde (Cities and Territories) by Cecilia Braun (Braun-Urban)
Day 2
Presentation 3: PortCityFutures by Carola Hein (LDE Universities)
Presentation 4: Transforming City Regions by Christa Reicher (RWTH Aachen)
Presentation 5: Planning for Agglomeration by Kobe Boussauw (VU Brussels)
Day 3
Presentation 6: Agglomeration Concept Köln/Bonn by Robert Broesi (MUST)
Presentation 7: Water and Governance by Joachim Declerck (Architecture Workroom Brussels)
Presentation 8: City visions by Halina Zarate and Kristina Knauf (MVRDV)
Day 4
Presentation 9: Introduction to SURE & Milestones by Emma de Wijs (City of the Hague) and Dagmar Keim (City of Amsterdam)
Presentation 10: Eurodelta Knowledge Platform by Paul Gerretsen (Deltametropolis Association)
Presentation 11: SURE-Eurodelta Roadmap by Cecilia Braun (Braun-Urban)
Presentation 12: University & Practice by Markus Nollert (ETH Zurich/
Presentation 13: Socially inclusive cities by Ceren Sezer (RWTH Aachen)
Presentation 14: Landscapes of trade by Merten Nefs (TU Delft/Deltametropolis Association)
Presentation 15: How to develop a vision? by Roberto Rocco (TU Delft)
Day 5
At the last day of the Online Working Conference (21 May 2021), all the groups presented their visions to the jury and audience.

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