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High-hanging fruit research programme

Shaping the heat transition of the city centre of Amsterdam

The multiyear research program intends to support the municipality in identifying energy reduction measures for the historical area of Amsterdam and in addition to solely focus on sustainable heating solutions available locally. Our objectives are listed under "More Information" below.

This programme is a partnership with TU Delft, chair Climate Design and sustainability (Prof. Andy van den Dobbelsteen).

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    1. Develop an innovative and generic approach for energy retrofitting for historical buildings with conservation compatible energy retrofit packages, which allow buildings to be heated at a low temperature (<55 ° C), while preserving the historic values, improving indoor thermal comfort and minimizing environmental impact;
    2. Investigate low temperature heat sources (with a special focus on aquathermal energy from surface water) and storage capacity that must be implemented to supply sufficient heat in the inner city;
    3. Develop an integrated vision of the gradual energy transition of the inner city starting with local heat and cold grids (clusters) which can later be linked to become an entire system.

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