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Visit DG ENVI Session 3 - Concepts for Biodiversity

In this collection you can watch back the visit that was hosted by IAS. This visit entailed a special session with Patrick Child, The VU and the City of Amsterdam to discuss Biodiversity in the City. In an open discussion some of the topics that were touched upon were; the instruments, concepts and conditions that can ensure a successful ecological transition in the city. Additionally it was discussed how EU regulation can support this ecological transition and where EU regulation might hamper current activities and ambitions.

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In this collection you will find:
- An introduction by Annamarie van Wezel as host at IAS
- A presentation by Annamanier van Wezel (IBED)
- A presentation by Maria Kaika (UvA)
- Closing remarks and discussion

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Icon afbeelding: Visit DG Environment Patrick Child to Amsterdam 3 - Fotograaf: Eva Baaren

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