Final product - scientific report

In this report, you can read all about the research project of students from the VU in collaboration with Gemeente Amsterdam. The aim was to look into the relation between growing vaccine hesitancy and governmental mistrust of parents in Amsterdam Nieuw-West. Through a small-scale literature study, interviews with parents and a workshop with health professionals and parents, students looked into the relation between vaccine hesitancy and governmental mistrust.

Based on the data collected through the interviews and workshop it was found that (mis)trust is a
product of varying factors, differing per individual. The research question, ‘How does governmental
(mis)trust influence vaccine hesitancy among parents in Amsterdam Nieuw-West and what are the
needs of these parents concerning trust in the government?’, addresses specific needs that must be
met to increase trust between parents and the government. The insights obtained from the interviews
and workshop showed the importance of transparency, honesty, time and consideration from health
professionals. The key findings that answers the research question were the impact of the direct
environment of the parents, the needs for consultations that provide information on the pros as well
as the cons of vaccines and the need for longer consultations when being hesitant. Despite the small
number of hesitant parents and participation in the study, valuable conclusions were drawn regarding
the factors that are important in achieving successful trust between the government and parents.