Obesity care for youth during the COVID-19 pandemic

Challenges youth healthcare nurses experienced in providing obesity care in the Netherlands

The COVID-19 pandemic deeply affected the lives of children and young people; studies report adverse effects on mental, physical, and social well-being. However, the impact of the pandemic on obesity care for children received little attention. The aim of this study was to gain insight into the challenges youth healthcare nurses experienced and to describe implications for future obesity care and policy. We conducted interviews, participant observations, and a group session with youth healthcare nurses during the pandemic in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Youth healthcare nurses reported a deterioration in the problems of children and young people who were already in the highest classification for pediatric obesity, such as increased weight gain, mental health problems, and socio-economic problems. The nurses experienced immense challenges while trying to provide obesity care, such as a decrease in face-to-face contact with youth and their families, as well as loss of continuity of care. It is important to reconnect with these families, invest in a trusted relationship with youth receiving obesity care, and prioritize available and accessible obesity care for those who need it the most.

Concincion, S.van Houtum, L.van de Vorst, B.Verhoeff, A., & Dedding, C. (2024). Obesity care for youth during the COVID-19 pandemic: Challenges youth healthcare nurses experienced in providing obesity care in the NetherlandsNursing & Health Sciences26(1), e13084.

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