MSc thesis: Change Makers in the Municipality of Amsterdam

Door Suze van der Aa

Our climate is changing faster than previously thought, but sustainable behaviour is an effective solution. Circular construction is a combination of new technologies and behaviours which promises to have a big effect on our future. The municipality of Amsterdam has the ambition to become a circular organization within the year 2030 and to become a circular city within the year 2050. However, this change is certainly not easy and requires a lot of effort from civil servants of the municipality of Amsterdam. Circular construction requires good cooperation between different parties and departments, which does not always happen automatically. Linking pins can be a solution for this.

This research focuses on the role of linking pins in the organizational change towards a sustainable and circular organization within the municipality of Amsterdam. Therefore, the main question of this research is: “How can the linking pins in the municipality of Amsterdam assist their organizational change towards circularity?”. This question is divided into three sub-questions, one focusing on the position of linking pins within the organization, one focusing on the qualities and characteristics of linking pins, and one focusing on experienced barriers for circularity within the municipality of Amsterdam and how these barriers can be overcome.

S.L. van der Aa
Master Thesis
Culture, Organization and Management
Supervisor: dr. Manon Eikelenboom
Faculty of Social Sciences
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

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