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Articles, news items, podcast and reviews related to the Integral Design Method for Public Space.

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Oogst Magazine: Leergang Systeeminnovatie [in Dutch]

Publication: Oogst Magazine, first edition, online on openresearch.

Date: 7 june 2022

Editors: Marjolein van Vossen, Edith van Ewijk

The training 'systems innovation' was initiated by Liander, Waternet and the City of Amsterdam for their employees, and it was realised with help of the Amsterdamse School. Oogst Magazine gathers the experiences and insights from the first year of the training.


Podcast The Voice of Urban Nature 

Publication: Online (Vimeo) and in the Amsterdam-Almere pavilion at the Floriade Expo 2022

Date: May 2022


De bodem komt steeds meer op de voorgrond (in Dutch)

Author: Hans Bouwman

Publication: Trade magazine 'Groen', Year 78, Number 4

Date: May 2022


Interview for NL2100: De 22e eeuw begint nú (in Dutch)

Interviewee: Joyce van den Berg

Publication: Website NL2100, the atelier for the future by The Board of Government Advisors


Talkshow Herstel van bodemleven in Nederland (in Dutch)

Host: Stichting Steenbreek, online.

Date: 9th of March 2022


Webinar Local municipal elections 2022: Think Underground (in Dutch)

Host: Stadswerk, online.

Date: 26th of January 2022



Book discussion of BiodiverCITY_A Matter of Vital Soil!

Host: Arcam, Amsterdam.

Date: 19th of October 2021


Boekpresentation BiodiverCITY_A Matter of Vital Soil!

Host: Pakhuis de Zwijger, Amsterdam.

Date: 28th of September 2021


Podcast Hier gebeurt het. Ondergronds

Host: Hier gebeurt het., online.

Date: Juni 202


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