Assessing urban ecosystem services in support of spatial planning in The Hague, the Netherlands (paper presentation)

Video recording of conference session on Urban Green, Reinventing The City 2022

This is a video of one of the paper presentations from the session "Potential of Urban Green", held on the first day of the scientific conference: Reinventing the City, hosted by AMS Institute.

A fragment from the abstract:

"Green infrastructure (GI) is increasingly addressed in urban planning and research to enhance urban sustainability and resilience through the provisioning of ecosystem services (ES). Yet, few applications exist of planning models for multifunctional GI in high spatial and thematic detail that simultaneously align with stakeholder interests. We address these gaps by developing and presenting a spatially explicit model to inform urban planners on priority areas for multifunctional GI development.

You can read the full paper here

Speaker: Janneke van Oorschot

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