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BiodiverCITY was created in a collaboration between the Municipality of Amsterdam, Naturalis, NIOO-KNAW, Inside Outside and Artis. The book focuses on the importance of a vital soil life and how we cannot live without soil. The soil life with a network of plant roots, fungi and 100 million types of micro-organisms ensure a healthy and livable environment. Yet we are careless with the soil and the growing urbanization causes a lot of soil stress. BiodiverCITY provides measures and elaborations that lead to a vital soil life.

With Integral Design Method Public Space, City of Amsterdam Department of Planning and Sustainability participates to the Guest Cities Exhibition at SBAU2021. Among the 5 Crossroads windrose promoted, Amsterdam contributes on Crossroad 1 on Urbanism under the theme "Above/Below". BiodiverCITY is a further development of the Integral Design Method Public Space.

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