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Economic Affairs and Culture

City of Amsterdam

The Economy department is responsible for creating the preconditions for attracting and expanding economic activities in the city. This ensures an economy that is internationally competitive and that creates prosperity and employment for Amsterdam and its immediate surroundings.

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The Economy department also wants to create space to be able to do business in Amsterdam. It does this by ensuring on a local and regional scale that the conditions are favorable for (future) entrepreneurs and national and international companies.Economics achieves this together with other clusters, departments, city districts and regional governments by: Developing strategies and interventions that contribute to the strengthening and renewal of the Amsterdam economy; International acquisition of companies and talents and the profiling of Amsterdam as an attractive metropolis, together with Amsterdam Marketing; To ensure a healthy business climate in the city and its immediate surroundings; to renew and strengthen the city and its immediate surroundings; To develop initiatives and working methods that anchor the economics work area in the work processes of the units, programs and projects within the Spatial Planning and Economy cluster.

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