Slides from the Negotiating Energy event

This event is part of the Collect Your Retrofits research project which was funded by NWO KIEM GOCI. In this project, new methods of collective decision making in energy retrofitting process are prototyped. We showcased the project and how it supports the negotiation processes of retrofitting and energy as a common resource.

During the event, we explored the complexities of energy transition and retrofitting in the built environment. The speakers were:

  • Hanne Mangelschots (Architecture Workroom Brussels) – “Energy districts, A prefiguration to bridge the missing link”.
  • Rufus Grantham (Bankers Without Boundaries).
  • Mimi Slauerhoff (City of Amsterdam) – “Association of ownership approach municipality of Amsterdam”.
  • Maeva Dang (AMS Institute/TU Delft) and Maxime Cunin (Superworld) – “Collect Your Retrofits research project”. 

The event took place at the 10th of May, 2023 and was moderated by Paul Voskuilen, Program developer Urban Energy at AMS Institute. 

Collect Your Retrofits project

The project amplifies the conventional negotiation procedure by integrating a data-driven assessment of possible retrofitting measures and a collectively accessible negotiation medium for non-experts into the process. Through its application in existing living communities, you will explore how it facilitates the energy transition in the built environment by proposing an intrinsically social, yet data-driven framework for collective energy retrofitting.


Authors: Maeva Dang, Mimi Slauerhoff, Hanne Mangelschots and Maxime Cunin

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