Presentation: Launch Interdisciplinarity Guide

Video: The case 'Childhood obesity in Perspective'

One in five children in Amsterdam is overweight, which has proven a difficult problem to solve. Obesity is multifaceted, originating from and persisting due to a combination of medical, social and political factors. This is why an interdisciplinary view is key towards lowering this percentage of overweight kids. Together with Amsterdam’s chief scientific officer Caroline Nevejan, Amsterdam Young Academy will present such a multifaceted view of childhood obesity, marking the launch of Interdisciplinarity beyond the buzzword: a guide to academic work across disciplines.

AYA presentation Interdisciplinarity SPUI25

You can watch the presentation HERE.


About the speakers

Caroline Nevejan is a researcher and designer who has been involved with the emerging network society and digital culture since the 1980s.

Karen den Hertog is part of the Management Team of the GGD Amsterdam and leads the Amsterdam Healthy Weight Program. 

Elsje van Bergen is an Associate Professor in Biological Psychology and at the Netherlands Twin Register at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. 

Coosje Dijkstra is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Health sciences, section Youth and Lifestyle at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the Amsterdam Public Health Research Institute. 

Linda Douw (moderator) is an Associate Professor at the Department of Anatomy and Neurosciences of the Amsterdam UMC.