MSc Thesis AMS Institute - Assessing the Robustness of a Gas Distribution Network

MADE Student Project

Natural gas networks are gaining special attention in the Netherlands in the context of
emerging energy transition. It is fundamental to understand and manage the resilience of this
critical infrastructure to ensure service and safety, and to address transition pathways and increasing
interdependencies with other networks.
In this research, we leveraged key concepts in network science to investigate a major Dutch natural gas distribution network due to the projected out-phasing of this energy source in 2030. In order to address resilience and robustness, we devised a disruption simulation model to quantify the network’s structural and functional robustness in terms of the size of the giant connected component (GCC) and customer service level respectively. We performed simulations according to four disruption scenarios: random attacks, attacks targeted on degree, and centralities of closeness and betweenness. The simulation results allowed us to pinpoint critical elements for preserving a robust distribution network.

References for this thesis can be found inside the document.

Author: Alexandra Akosa

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